Exclusive Access With Criminal Poachers in the African Bush

Sep 24, 2013 at 12:15 PM ET

This is something few have seen before—a journey into the bush with heavily armed African poachers who are actively hunting and killing elephants. And while they are hunting elephants without compunction—they themselves are being hunted by Kenya’s park rangers. It’s a life or death struggle for ivory—life or death for the poachers, for the rangers, and of course for the elephants. This level of access to poachers has never been shot on video before. And it reminds us that if China’s current voracious demands for ivory do not cease, the majestic elephants will continue to be culled.

You can help save elephants by adopting an orphan through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust or making a donation to Save The Elephants

Shot, produced and edited by Matt Goldman