New Video Suggests ISIS Is About To Expand Into Tunisia

Jun 02, 2015 at 1:12 PM ET

Tunisia is one of the biggest exporters of fighters to ISIS, sending more than 3,000 jihadists into the battlefields of Syria and Iraq, according to some reports. Now, the militant group appears close to setting up a new base in the North African country.

Members of ISIS forums published a “teaser” titled “Soon, Soon” that promises a new video by an unknown group called “ISIS Tunisia Province.” The teaser footage claims to show ISIS members monitoring Tunisian soldiers and filming them with a hidden camera from inside a car. Following the releases of the video, ISIS affiliates in other places circulated messages saying that the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior had asked Twitter for information about the people who uploaded the video. The ISIS groups also called on members to use Twitter only with TOR, a browser that allows for anonymous communication.

If ISIS indeed is poised to establish a beachhead in Tunisia, it would show much has changed in North Africa since the militant group emerged with a vengeance. It was in Tunisia in 2010 that Arab Spring started, sparking what many believed would be a wave of democracy through the region. But many of the countries are now fighting off ISIS’s encroachment. In addition to running half of Syria and Iraq, ISIS also controls chunks of territory in Libya and Yemen, as smaller areas are under its domain in Egypt and Algeria. In all of these places it has begun to posted military commanders and provides civil services.

Last March, ISIS claimed responsibility for the deadly attack in Bardo Museum in Tunisia, killing 21 people, 18 of whom were tourists.

Translation: Tunisia Province media, presenting “Soon, soon”