ISIS Uses Ferguson to Whip Up Its Supporters in the U.S.

Nov 25, 2014 at 8:57 AM ET

Due process and race relations aren’t usually issues of great concern to ISIS, which is notorious for indiscriminate violence. Yet the terrorist group has taken notice of the social unrest in the streets of Ferguson overnight, and some of ISIS’ official Twitter accounts are calling on ISIS supporters in the United States to seize the opportunity to sow more terror.

Translation: “Oh the lone mujahid: You must exploit the turmoil in Ferguson to set more fire in America. …Send them to hell.”

The ISIS account, which earlier this year called for attacks against Twitter employees, further urged ISIS supporters in America to take violent action in the wake of the grand jury decision:

Translation: “Ferguson is a golden opportunity that will not return. Wake up and occupy them with the mujahideen and spill their blood in the roads and neighborhoods.”

Other accounts suggested that supporting the rioters will be an effective way to destroy America:

Translation: “Financing the blacks in America with weapons and ammunition will destroy it in one week.”

ISIS accounts and forums were also reveling in the unrest and encouraged followers to use hashtags such as #AmericaOnFire, #AmericaIsCollapsing and #IntifadaInAmerica.

Translation: “Racism flames up in America. #Ferguson  #America_On_Fire”