ISIS Is Being Attacked By Anonymous

Feb 10, 2015 at 3:57 PM ET

ISIS is facing massive attacks on its web forums, Twitter accounts and other social media outlets, purportedly from Anonymous, the loosely affiliated online activism group. Over the past few days, most of the prominent jihadi forums used by ISIS members and supporters, such as, have been taken offline and since stayed that way.

Anonymous members have been boasting about their digital campaign against terrorists, squarely focused on ISIS. Its unclear whether Anonymous is 100 percent responsible for the digital blackout—but for an organization like ISIS that relies so heavily on social media to spread its propaganda, it’s likely to be a critical blow.

Anonymous claimed responsibility for targeting dozens of websites, forums and social media accounts used to broadcast ISIS propaganda and recruit new fighters. Anonymous accounts are using the hashtag #OpISIS and uploading lists of email addresses, hundreds of social media accounts and personal details of alleged ISIS members to Many of the accounts listed are now suspended.

The to-and-fro between Anonymous and ISIS supporters is playing out on Twitter, with the jihadi group’s supporters circulating hashtags of their own. #SupportTheSupportersAccountAfterTheRemoval (#دعم_حسابات_الانصار_بعد_الحذف) and #TheSupportsInSpiteOfTheirArrogance are being used to show solidarity and support ISIS member accounts. It’s still unclear how many ISIS Twitter accounts will be left when the dust settles.