India’s Crowdsourced Blood Banks

Dec 04, 2013 at 7:45 AM ET

Crowdsourcing is great for getting things done that normally wouldn’t happen, like the Veronica Mars movie or your high school friend’s country album. But Kushroo Poacha, a train conductor from Delhi, has found a cause that’s a bit more noble: saving lives. In India there is no centralized system for blood donations, so hospitals have a strict BYOB (bring your own blood) policy. Meaning that if you get injured and need a transfusion, you are probably going to die.

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After spending a night in the hospital and seeing the person in the bed next to him die for lack of blood, Poacha decided to set up—a simple website he runs on a shoestring budget that connects people in need with donors of the same blood type. Watch as we see a life saved by the power of the crowd.

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