Your Jacket Could Be Your New Phone Charger

Aug 04, 2016 at 6:30 PM ET

Wirelessly charging your phone in the convenience of your pocket is about to become a reality. It’s from the same company that created a super-useful 15-function travel jacket, BauBax. You don’t remember them? All your friends shared it on Facebook but nobody bought one, I’m guessing.

You’ll definitely be buying this, though. Their latest Kickstarter campaign is for a jacket that charges your phone without a wire. Magic! Just slip your phone into its specialized pocket and your phone will charge with a small wireless charging pad.

The jacket has a small removable battery pack designed to fit into a wallet. It charges on BauBax’s wireless charging pad There’s gotta be a wire somewhere. We’re looking into it. 

The wireless charging jacket retains some of the old jacket’s features like an inflatable neck pillow. But there are also new features, like charging ports for BauBax Bluetooth earbuds which are in the collar for some reason. BauBax is also making wirelessly charging pants, shorts, vests, and wristlets. Nope, we don’t know what a wristlet is.