Bill Nye Destroys Climate Change Conspiracy Theories

Jul 25, 2016 at 10:50 AM ET

We are living in the golden age of conspiracy theories.

Today, anyone can use their phone to doctor photos and prove Mark Zuckerberg and Beyoncé are shape-shifting lizard people. The internet incubates fringe ideas into full-blown news narratives. A demagogue can build an entire presidential campaign on baseless fabrications that resonate with the paranoid populace.

One of Donald Trump’s favorite conspiracy theories—which he returns to time and time again—is that climate change is a hoax. Where did this notion come from? Is climate change just a communist lie meant to make America less competitive—or have we actually been destroying the planet since the Industrial Revolution?

We enlisted Bill Nye, renowned Science Guy (and government-owned puppet?), to help us explore the climate change conspiracy on this episode of I Want To Believe.