Solar Power Plants Are About To Get “Eclipsed”

Aug 21, 2017 at 9:00 AM ET

Solar power gets eclipsed!

When the moon blocks the sun on August 21, a major source of energy will go dark.

During the eclipse, the sun’s rays will be totally or partially blocked — limiting the sunlight that can be harvested from rooftops or in solar power plants.  Traditional power plants will need pick up the slack, which could put a strain on their limited resources.

Some companies are trying to counter the energy dip. Nest thermostats created a “Solar Eclipse Rush Hour” setting that pre-cools homes so energy-intensive A.C. units can stay off during the eclipse.

But as the world turns more to renewables, we’ll be more vulnerable to the elements (terrestrial and beyond) with solar panels that just can’t run without the sun.