Apollo 11 Goes Digital With Virtual Reality Model

Jul 26, 2016 at 9:30 AM ET

NASA put a man on the Moon 47 years ago with the Apollo 11 mission. Now they’re putting every single one of us inside the Apollo 11 module that took those men to the moon with a 3D experience of the spacecraft interior. The Smithsonian released an interactive 3D model of Columbia, and it’s amazing..

This command module was the only piece from the lunar landing that made it back to Earth intact The Smithsonian used a pretty serious camera set-up to scan every nook and cranny of the cramped, archaic-looking control pod.

The model is so detailed that you can see the astronauts’ “graffiti” on the wall as they marked off the days of their mission, kind of like prisoners in a cell.

The astronaut life is just a click away with this high-resolution experience.