Inside The Mind of Alaniz, Berlin’s Banksy

Mar 05, 2014 at 6:56 AM ET

Meet Alaniz, an Argentinean street artist living in Berlin. He’s secretive, sneaky and quite possibly a genius. Watch as he takes us on a curated tour of some of Berlin’s best destinations for artist and art lovers—and there’s not a single museum or gallery on the itinerary.

Berlin has been described as a mecca for graffiti artists and with good reason. The movement began in 1961 following the construction of the Berlin Wall, which literally and figuratively separated the East from the West. Where the world saw a wall, artists saw a canvas. Because the wall was open to everyone there were no restrictions on what could be put up. This unprecedented situation drew in artists, as well as crowds, form all over the world. By the time the wall came down in 1989, the Western half was entirely covered in graffiti, much of it scrawled by anonymous artists who let their work speak for itself.

Today, almost 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin’s art scene is thriving. Just Google “berlin street art” and you’ll see what we mean. There are vibrant online communities, you can buy all inclusive tour packages, and even Buzzfeed has distilled it into list form—but nothing beats being on the ground.