“I’m White!” PR Exec and “Troublemaker” Loses Gig Over Saucy Tweets

Dec 20, 2013 at 5:21 PM ET

Justine Sacco, a very senior PR executive currently on a plane to Africa, tried out a funny new Twitter joke she’d been crafting shortly before taking off Friday afternoon:

What she meant to say was: “Haha, racism!”

Sacco’s employer, IAC (the giant parent company behind websites such as The Daily Beast, Dictionary.com, Match.com, Vimeo and College Humor), isn’t down with her joke. Sacco’s PR peers at IAC couldn’t reach the jokester while she’s in-flight, but they assured the disgusted world in a statement to ValleyWag that “this is a very serious matter” and that they would take “appropriate action” when she lands. And it was reported on Saturday that once she landed, Sacco (who immediately deleted her Twitter account) was indeed fired. And promptly.

Tweet at us: Was IAC’s response appropriate?

And while the former World Wrestling Entertainment representative’s previous tweets suggest her Friday afternoon AIDS joke may have been a drunken slip…

Or maybe even a thoughtless attack…

Sacco, whose Twitter bio calls her a “troublemaker on the side,” probably meant what she said in her tweet. After all, she was only “kidding,” people! Which means she must have applied her “sense of humor” to her termination, post landing, right?