Black Women Lead #Blackchurch Protest

Apr 06, 2015 at 4:33 AM ET

This Easter Sunday, St. Louis, Missouri was home to yet another controversial protest about race in America, this time the message was aimed at African American churches. Protesters used the hashtag #Blackchurch to broadcast the event on social media, and their hashtag appeared in over 6,000 tweets this Easter.

Millennial Activist United, a grassroots group lead by queer women of color, gathered outside Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church with signs that read “Jesus questioned the status quo,” “You don’t have the choose between faith and activism,” and  “Jesus was revolutionary.” Locals reported on social media that this was a silent action; if approached, the protesters simply hummed the classic African-American spiritual “Wade in the Water.” The choice of song reminds church goers that, historically, spiritual communities were the cornerstone of the civil rights movement.

This protest received a mixed reception from church goers. Some didn’t appreciate signs with blatantly political slogans, such as “Mike Brown was the least of these,” and the way protesters used a sacred holiday to remind the community of divisive racial politics. Protesters tweeted and posted pictures on Instagram, saying that the church called the police. However, it appears that several church members and leaders came out and talked peacefully with the protesters.