Teens Show They’re #BrownAndProud In Tweet Campaign

Apr 12, 2015 at 2:45 PM ET

Inspired by recent #Blackout Twitterstorms, Asian & Latino teens declared the first #BrownandProud day on social media on April 11, sharing more than 30,000 tweets, along with hundreds of Tumblr and thousands of Instagram posts. Dozens of teens also used Tumblr to detail their own personal struggles with racial identity and self-esteem.

The most potent racial discussions in America right now may surround black deaths at the hands of white police officers, but teens of all hues hope to make their particular struggles known via the hashtag. Said user immarvelous00 on Instagram:

Yes I am Hispanic. No I am not Mexican. Yes I am legal. No I do not need a green card. Yes I do speak English. No I will not cut your grass. No I do not sell drugs. Yes I have been asked all these questions.

Across the board, minority teens (by dint of religion, ethnicity or sexuality) are organically using mobile media as a tool for self-representation, to confront stereotypes, celebrate diversity and debate the language and philosophies of race. It’s not surprising that this kind of activity is predominently mobile – according to a recent report by the Pew Research Center, 34 percent of African American teens and 32 percent of Hispanic teens say they are “almost constantly online,” compared to only 19 percent of white teens.

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