“Draw Muhammad” Organizer Blasts Critics In Bizarre, Shirtless Rant

Jun 02, 2015 at 5:19 PM ET

First, Jon Ritzheimer hosted a “Draw Muhammad” contest outside a Phoenix mosque and encouraged armed bikers to attend in masse. Then, several days after the tense rally, he launched a campaign to raise $10 million that he said he needed to protect his family from the backlash. And now, Ritzheimer has taken to Facebook to deliver a rant claiming he’s a victim of character assassination.

Shirtless and on the verge of tears, Ritzheimer said in a video that hackers had “ruined his life” and that the media had twisted the facts since he rallied hundreds of armed bikers at the event last week. The former Marine added that the subsequent backlash had taken a physical and emotional toll on him and his family.

“This whole thing did blow up in my face,” said Ritzheimer, whose bare chest bore an American flag tattoo with a banner that read Hard Knock Life.  “I was ill-prepared.”

The former Marine added that he had risked his life by holding the protest, and that he had been fully prepared to die at the hands of a “terrorist” during the demonstration, which drew international attention. Now, Ritzheimer said he plans to lay low while trying to put his life back together.

“I’m taking cover right now  during a verbal firefight,” he said. But you can bet I’m going to be returning fire. I am a pissed off f—-ng Marine.”

Watch the entire video here:

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