Bling Bling, Bang Bang

Sep 30, 2013 at 3:00 PM ET


We’re sure it happens all the time: People buy a gun, then sadly realize that it doesn’t coordinate with anything in their wardrobe. What to do?! You know you need to look good at the firing range, or in that life-and-death moment when you have a home invader in your sights. Plain black is classy, but drab. You need a firearm that will display your sparkling personality. Well, Pinterest is here to save the day—it’s chock full of DIY ideas for pimping out your gun.

The possibilities are endless: sparkles, colors, Hello Kitty pictures and leopard print, to name just a few. Soon we’ll all be shooting in style.

Have a look at some of our…favorites?


If you don’t have the time, or the creative inspiration, to redesign your gun yourself, you can visit Pink Gun’s website and choose from the wide selection of customizable options. In fact, I did. There’s no harm in decorating, is there? Here are some of my masterpieces:

Pink Gun’s owner, Rob Valli, says he’s not concerned about his highly distinctive, snazzy guns being used to, you know, shoot people. “If someone bought one of these special guns that I personally cared for or got together, then went out and did some horrible crime with it, would I feel responsible for this, for putting another gun on the street or something like that? The answer is unequivocally no, vehemently no,” he tells Vocativ over the phone while spending a day at the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


“The people that I deal with, these are not the problem people,” says Valli, 42. “These are people that have too much money to spend and all that kind of stuff. They want to have fun and do things. If you’re really hard up for money, the last thing you need is a Pink Gun. You know what I’m saying? I’m saying you definitely need a gun, but you definitely don’t need a Pink Gun.”

If you do have the spare cash, another website called Pink Shooters has everything for the girlie gun owner’s arsenal. Prepare to protect yourself with pink bullets that look like lipstick! They come in what resembles a hot rollers case from a 6th-grade slumber party.


Adding flair to weapons isn’t a hit with all gun owners. In a Reddit conversation, a user named NexusPursuit asks for tips on how to bedazzle his wife’s gun and is met with much disapproval. “Rhinestones are the herpes of the arts and crafts world,” says FirearmConcierge. Another user, Ashy88, responds, As a woman who’s into guns, that’s exactly the kind of thing that embarrasses me… Like pink or purple guns. Sigh.”

But BigSol81 stands up for freedom in the Reddit debate: “Ugh, look at that, another thread full of people that think they know how someone else should decorate their gun. It’s her fucking gun. If she wants it to be shiny and stupid looking, let her. Christ…”