Ferguson Judge Worked Both Sides Of Court Backlog

Mar 10, 2015 at 4:43 PM ET

Ronald J. Brockmeyer, the Ferguson Municipal judge who resigned from his post Monday afternoon, still has more explaining to do.

Brockmeyer was accused of imposing draconian fees and fines on the city’s poorest residents while, at the same time, dismissing traffic tickets for himself and his professional pals. Yet it appears to have gone unnoticed that his law firm, Brockmeyer Law Offices, has for years advertised its expertise in dealing with traffic violations.

In October, Brockmeyer Law Offices launched a new service called “Text Your Traffic Ticket,” which offers those in the St. Louis area who can afford it a way to expedite their appeals against traffic violations, without even having to visit the law firm’s offices. They can simply text an image of the traffic ticket to the Brockmeyer firm to get a quote from one of their lawyers, rather than waiting in line with others caught in the court backlog.

There is no information about “Text Your Traffic Ticket” on the Brockmeyer Law Offices website, but the service’s Facebook page contains the firm’s address, and has been given a five-star review by Brockmeyer’s son, Nick. It also boasts the below illustration. Brockmeyer Law Offices did not immediately respond when contacted for comment. As of now, according to their voicemail, they are “currently unavailable.”