“Seeking Arrangement”: When does online dating become prostitution?

Jun 24, 2013 at 11:43 AM ET

By now, there is every manner of niche dating site, each pairing potential mates in all sorts of kinky or romantic endeavors.  SeekingArrangement.com is different. What separates it from the BlackPeopleMeets and  Atlaspheres of the world is the nature of the “arrangement” the members seek: SeekingArrangement connects old, wealthy singles with young nubile lovers in need of financial assistance. There is absolutely nothing illegal about this. But SeekingArrangement does walk the fine line between matchmaking and pimping. To learn more, Vocativ met with Brandon Wade, CEO and founder of SeekingArrangement.com, and two “Sugar Babies” who shared their experiences trading love for money.

Produced by Liza Hughes

Edited by Gianclaudio Angelini