French Pornographer Arouses a Nation of Soccer Fans

Nov 20, 2013 at 4:31 PM ET

The French national soccer team had recently been experiencing some embarrassing performance issues, putting the country at risk of missing the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. So when Les Bleus were down by two goals yesterday in their division against Ukraine, tensions were high. Fortunately, France knows the best way relieve pressure. Sex, solo or otherwise.

Marc Dorcel, one of the top porn producers in France and winner of the 2013 XBIZ European Feature of the Year award for his film “Inglorious Bitches,” offered free access to his video-on-demand service if France was able to secure a spot in the World Cup.

“If Les Bleus qualify tonight, my VOD will be free all night to celebrate this!”

Immediately after Dorcel announced this on Twitter, the French team began to score, eventually winning the game 3-0. And only 45 seconds after the referee blew the final whistle, Dorcel’s servers crashed because of the high volume of visitors, according to Euronews. The site was unavailable from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m.

“Like a certain peak of traffic last night!”

Despite the tech issues, Dorcel made good on his promise. The company quickly created an email account for customers to request a free VOD code to access one porn film of their choosing. According to the company’s Twitter page, the code will be valid until the end of the year.

Fans even began taking their love of soccer to the bedroom. Dorcel’s social media team tweeted that, in addition to a film called “The Widow,” the most requested video for the night was “Anal Football Club.”

Perhaps while waiting for Dorcel’s site to come back up, some people worked on their investment portfolios. The stock price for channel TFI, which will broadcast the World Cup, jumped after yesterday’s win.

It’s unclear whether Les Bleus were aware of Dorcel’s offer when they achieved victory, but no doubt the beleaguered team knew when they heard the roaring crowds that they had won back the support of the nation.