Black Friday Deals on the Dark Net: Deals on Meth, Botox and More

Nov 27, 2014 at 10:12 AM ET

The biggest shopping day of the year is here, and dark net vendors want a piece of the action. If psychedelic drugs, opiates, steroids or fake IDs are on your holiday shopping list this year, you’re in luck! Vendors on Tor are offering steeply discounted prices.

In the drugs section of Tor, the deals include “two for one” on meth and a 25 percent discount on psychedelic drugs. “This listing is normally priced at $33 but will be on sale for $25 until Dec 1,” posts one vendor. As it is with, well, legal and legitimate commercial operations, the competition on the dark net is fierce, with sellers competing with one another for higher discounts: “These are likely the lowest prices you will ever see me list my NOBMEs ever,” posts one.

Of course, the vast majority of the products sold on these websites are sold illegally. While Vocativ will report on the dark net markets’ existence, we are careful not to provide details which could aid an individual in finding them.

Special deals can also be found on illegally sold cosmetics and health products like botulinum (Botox) and steroids.

We also found fake IDs being sold at lower-than-usual prices in honor of Black Friday.

You can even choose your own art for LSD stamps!

The incentive for promoting sales through discounts can be partly attributed to the losses some vendors suffered following the latest crackdown by the federal authorities. “Since ‘Silk Road 2’ went down and we are fairly new to ‘Evolution’ and ‘Agora’ [dark net marketplaces]…we decided on having a massive Black Friday sale,” writes one vendor.

It’s unclear to what extent these Black Friday deals will generate excitement from buyers, but vendors appeared to be optimistic—a few even warned customers to expect delays due to a potential backlog.