How Much Hash Oil Can You Smoke in a Sitting? Enter the Dab Gauntlet

Jun 17, 2014 at 2:18 PM ET

The latest cannabis craze has toppled homes and maimed marijuana enthusiasts. But hash oil, the potent and often flammable extract made with butane, inspires a spirit of ingenuity that’s apparently indestructible.

As the weed concentrate continues to carve a chaotic path across the country, it has also given rise to a class of pothead who can consume breathtaking sums of THC in one session. A single hit—or “dab”—of the heady goo can induce panic attacks, but it can also allow seasoned smokers to relive the euphoria of their first high, which has fueled its growing popularity in the cannabis community. The THC levels in dispensary-grade oils will often top 80 percent, packing four-times the punch of the industry’s dankest nugs. Now some extremely ambitious smokers are hitting 20 or 30 dabs of hash oil at a stretch, as if it were Dad’s old schwag.

And they have an online audience cheering them on along the way.

Like the gods of Olympus, these superhuman stoners have crafted a competition to flaunt their feats of endurance. They’re called dab gauntlets, and the premise is simple enough: to take as many back-to-back rips of hash oil in one sitting as possible. For the sake of expediency and high drama, participants cycle through an onslaught of bongs and bubblers—or “rigs”—that a pit crew of handlers assemble. The resulting spectacle is enough to make Cheech and Chong’s legendary antics look like child’s play or harsh Maureen Dowd’s mellow a hundred times over.

Believe it or not, these epic dab gauntlets won’t kill you, according to medical professionals. “It looks bad,” says Dr. Jeffrey Hergenrather, a medical marijuana physician and president of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians. “But as far as actual harm, I don’t think we have any significant evidence that it’s dangerous. One dose for you or me might put us down. But when people are dabbing regularly, their bodies become more tolerant of it.”

Lucky for us, the contests have spawned an entire YouTube genre, from which we’ve plucked some of our favorite dab gauntlet challenges. Enjoy.

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