This Heat-Vision Police Chase Video Through a Cemetery Is Stunning

Nov 18, 2014 at 1:07 PM ET

When police spotted a stolen SUV in the Haller Lake neighborhood of Seattle on Friday night, the driver and his passenger abandoned the moving vehicle and took off on foot into Washelli Cemetery. There, the cops pursued them through a pitch-black expanse of graves with the assistance of a helicopter unit, equipped with heat-vision cameras that make the cemetery look like a creepy grayscale dreamscape.

The officer stationed above calmly directs his colleagues on the ground. (“Looks like I’ve got a couple of hiders,” he says casually, because this is apparently the kind of thing he does every day.) The police move through rows of headstones to a suspect’s hiding place under a bush. The search resulted in two fairly routine arrests, but the footage wouldn’t be out of place in any zombie movie.