Florida State Shooting: The View From Inside the FSU Library

Nov 20, 2014 at 5:42 AM ET

A gunman shot and injured three people early on Thursday morning at the library at Florida State University, police said, before the authorities killed the alleged assailant.

It’s unclear if the victims were students, but two were rushed to a local hospital in Tallahassee, where one is reportedly listed in critical condition while the other is stable. The condition of the third victim is unknown.

Details about the shooting remain scarce, but the heat map below shows that just before 1 a.m., not long after the shooter reportedly began firing, there was a burst of Twitter and Instagram traffic on campus. The traffic dropped off several hours later after the authorities secured the area.

The photos posted on Twitter offer a window into how the incident played out. Students on the first floor of the library heard the initial shots, then reportedly ran upstairs and told others to hide.

The second floor of the library was barricaded likely in an attempt to prevent the shooter from coming upstairs.

Eventually, the police arrived on the scene.

They cleared each floor and instructed students to stay away from windows and stairwells.

After shooting and killing the suspected gunman, the police led the students to safety.

Outside, people uploaded pictures on social media showing the authorities parked outside.

After the shootings, the police put the campus on lockdown and the university sent students emails urging them to stay indoors.