A Second Man Is Shot by Police in Ferguson, Missouri

Aug 13, 2014 at 9:41 AM ET

Police in Ferguson, Missouri, shot and wounded a man early Wednesday morning not far from where protesters have been massing for several days following the death of Michael Brown, whose killing has sparked rioting and looting.

St. Louis County police say they got a report of shots being fired at about 1 a.m., and arrived to find a handful of armed men wearing ski masks, approaching a crowd of people. An officer shot and wounded one of the men after he pointed his handgun at the police, spokesman Officer Brian Schellman told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The suspect was taken to a local hospital.

It was actually the second shooting of the night. In the other incident, a woman was shot in the head in a drive-by shooting. The victim took a selfie after the incident and posted it to her Instagram account spookwrites.

Tensions have been high in Ferguson since Saturday, when police shot and killed 18-year-old Brown, who was unarmed. The details of the shooting are contested: Police say it followed a confrontation between Brown and a police officer, but an attorney the Brown family hired disputes that account. Following the shooting, large crowds of protesters faced off with police on several occasions over the weekend, and the FBI has launched an investigation into the shooting.

Protests continued Tuesday night, as the Reverend Al Sharpton gathered with African-American residents in Ferguson, but the demonstrations were largely peaceful.

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