Welcome to Vocativ

Oct 30, 2013 at 2:42 PM ET

Vocativ couples the power of cutting-edge technology with a take-no-prisoners attitude toward newsgathering and storytelling. Our mission: to tap into the world of raw, vital information hidden in the digital space, which until now no news organization has had the ability to reach, let alone understand. Our editorial voice: honest, experiential and urgent. We aim to cover important subjects from around the world, from Snowden to Syria, guns to gay rights.

The first thing you’ll notice about Vocativ is our front page with its big, beautiful posters meant to be shared on social media. In fact, all of our content is built to be shared, and we’ve created a seamless experience for it. Just click on the green diamonds you see across the site. You can share the front-page posters, videos, stories—even the individual items within a story. Like a pull quote? Post it on Facebook. Love one of our photos? Post it on Tumblr. Hell, share anything, everywhere—we’ve given you the ability to push to all of your social networks at once.

You’ll also notice hashtags all over Vocativ. Like you, we live in the stream, so we’ve tossed out the traditional navigation convention used on other news sites, which is a flimsy, outdated derivative of newspaper sections. (Yes, newspapers: Ask your parents.) Instead of News, Politics and World, we have #culturewars and #WTF.

The right side of our story pages is filled with annotations. Here, we give you the story behind our scoops: footnotes, explainers, supporting data. Occasionally you’ll see an annotation titled “How We Know.” This is where we reveal our sources and how we found them. Not only do we want to take you on a journey with our reporting; we want to show you how we got there, too.

Our Vocativ pages on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ and Instagram are all custom curated by our Community team. Check us out here, there, anywhere. We are where you are, because you are our sources. Your stories are our stories. We’d ask you to join us, but you already have.

Thanks for being with us. Please, let us know what you think.