When Pizza Meets the Internet, It Leaves Only One Logical Conclusion

Apr 18, 2014 at 8:26 AM ET

As the Internet slowly works to perfect everything in your life—your Facebook experience, your weather predictions, your beard—there is one thing for which the Internet has yet to provide an adequate face-lift: your collection of pizza accessories.

Good news! Boston Pizza, the creator of the deranged pizza taco as well as the Pizzaburger slider, is using the Internet—the place where all good, unnecessary things are born—to crowdsource a new menu item or pizza-related toy for its chain. “We want to celebrate that history of innovation in a creative way,” Perry Schwartz, Boston Pizza’s director of communications, enthusiastically tells Vocativ. “Let’s give our guests some interaction and input in future innovation.”

The name of the project, naturally, is Pizza Game Changers, and it has its own website where you can vote on pizza crap like cheese clippers, a pizza protector, a cake made out of pizza (Hello, FoodPornDaily) and a gas-powered pizza cutter. Unsurprisingly, the layer cake is currently in the lead, with 2601 votes at publishing time.

Asked whether these products can actually be made, Schwartz says they most assuredly can—and will be. “There’s already a prototype for the cheese clippers,” he lets on, “and the pizza cake is definitely doable. They’re all doable.”

Well, doable is one thing; available is quite another. For now, Schwartz admits, the winning item will unfortunately only be available in Canada, where the chain is based. (Boston Pizza has more than 50 U.S. stores, FYI.) But Boston Pizza considers itself both a democracy and a tourist attraction, and Schwartz hopes Americans will vote on their favorites and also pay Canada a visit come June. “We encourage our friends from the south to come up and try some of these items,” he says.

Road trip, eh?