Guy Who Invented Emoticons Hates Emojis

Apr 22, 2015 at 6:04 PM ET

The father of emoticons just dissed emojis. In an interview with Digiday, Scott Fahlman—who has been credited with the invention of emojis in 1982—said the cute little yellow smiley faces, characters and objects that we have all grown to love are ugly.

“I don’t see any real creativity in making yellow circles with a smiley face. Then there were more of those, and they started looking like actual chefs and firemen and stupid things,” Fahlman told Digiday.

Not surprisingly, Fahlman sticks to the classics and continues to use the text emotions he created. “I wouldn’t say emojis have wiped out emoticons; I mean, there’s the rebel underground. My friends and I who are computer scientists still use the text ones.” .