Vocativ is at the nexus of media and technology. We use deep web technology as a force for good and go where others can’t to reveal hidden voices, emerging trends and surprising data. We turn exclusive insights into visual stories that offer our audience new perspectives and connect us more deeply to a changing world.

At the heart of Vocativ is our exclusive technology, a place where science meets storytelling. More than 80% of the Internet sits beyond the grasp of Google, in an area called the deep web. Vocativ explores this vast, uncharted space that includes everything from forums, databases, documents, and public records to social platforms, chat rooms, and commerce sites. Our proprietary technology allows us to search and monitor the deep web 24/7 to spot news quickly, detect early signals of online movements, identify key influencers and share meaningful analysis of ongoing events.

Vocativ looks at data and trends from the deep web to develop story angles, democratizing the data by surfacing stories for the public interest. We only source OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) data available to the public. We use this data to keep our readers connected to news, current events, societal topics and trends. For us, the deep web is a force for good to keep people connected to the changing world.

Our approach combines storytelling with deep web analysis. Our journalists and editors work with deep web analysts to deliver newsworthy stories from the deep web.  Our analysts are trained in WEBINT and have a wide variety of expertise across industries, topics and languages including the Middle East, China, National Security, Cyber-Security, Culture, Politics and Sports. Vocativ has a patent pending on this intelligence methodology used for newsgathering. Up until now, this technology has been limited to government use.  Vocativ is the first media company to repurpose this kind of technology to report news for public interest.

We believe in highly visual storytelling designed to live natively on  social platforms where our audience spends most of its time.   We create interactives, social videos, mini-docs, data-vizualizations, social maps, and more. We cover topics that are vital to the changing world around us like Terrorism, War, ISIS, Digital Life, Cybersecurity, Deep Web, IOT, Entertainment, Sports, Justice, Politics, Sex/Gender, Identity and Science.

Founded by Mati Kochavi with offices in New York City and Tel Aviv, Vocativ employs editors, writers, producers, data analysts, software engineers, designers, and developers.