After String Of Violence, ISIS Calls For More Attacks In US, Europe

The Islamic State is turning to its main propaganda channels for additional violence worldwide

Photo Illustration: Diana Quach
Jun 07, 2017 at 6:16 PM ET

After a recent series of terror attacks, the Islamic State is calling on its main propaganda channels for additional attacks in the U.S. and throughout the rest of the world.

A message that surfaced on the messaging app Telegram hours after Wednesday’s deadly attack in Tehran, Iran, urged Muslims worldwide to “get far away from the gathering places of the Crusaders […] the Military places, from their markets…” The message continues with stating “Theses places are targets,” the message stated, adding that the “soldiers of the Caliphate will explode, run over people by vehicle and cut off their necks.”

The channels on Telegram have thousands of followers. The biggest channel on the app which is called the Nashir Agency, which is responsible for disseminating official ISIS propaganda.

The threat comes after the group has claimed responsibility for several attacks during the past weeks.

Another message directed to the “Crusaders” said: “These almost daily attacks in your homelands are just the beginning […] thousands of lonely lions has been prepared in your countries,” the message stated. It concluded: “[…] wait for the attacks, and we wait too.”

The latest messages come in the middle of the Muslim sacred month of Ramadan, which ISIS has long used as justification for carrying out terror attacks. In addition to Tehran, ISIS has claimed responsibility for a number of incidents in the last week, including the London Bridge tragedy, which killed eight, the assault at the Notre Dame church in Paris, and an attack in Melbourne, Australia.