Pour A Pint For Comey? US Bars Opening Early For Senate Hearing

Pubs are hoping to capitalize on the former FBI director's hearing on Thursday

Getty Images
Jun 07, 2017 at 12:57 PM ET

Bars nationwide will open early Thursday morning for patrons who want to tune into a much-ballyhooed TV event that has Americans buzzing. No, it’s not the World Cup, the Olympics, or some other mega sporting event. Instead, watering holes will be prepping pints for former FBI Director James Comey’s highly anticipated testimony on his interactions with President Donald Trump before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Earlier this week, Shaw’s Tavern, a pub in northwest Washington, D.C., announced that it would open shortly before the testimony for “The Comey Hearing Covfefe,” offering specialty cocktails and breakfast for the event. The tongue-in-cheek Facebook event quickly went viral Twitter.

“Come on… you know you want to watch the drama unfold this Thursday,” the Facebook organizer wrote on the event’s page. “Grab your friends, grab a drink and let’s COVFEFE!”

Bars across the U.S. have followed suit with plans to open early on Thursday for the hearing. In D.C., at least four other bars, including one right around the corner from the Capitol, plan to be open during Comey’s testimony.

In San Francisco, at least three bars are opening at 6 a.m. local time to host the event. In Houston, one bar is promoting the Comey hearing, and the watch-party for it, as the “Super Bowl of Washington.”

If nothing else, Comey’s testimony is an excuse for political junkies to sneak in a morning cocktail – or seven – on what could be a potentially monumental day.