Starbucks Debuts Holiday Cups Designed To Bring Us Together

The coffee chain is trying to turn last years controversy into this year's message of unity

This years cups aren't meant to cause a stir. — Starbucks
Nov 10, 2016 at 12:16 PM ET

It’s been a complicated week, so perhaps you’d like to cast you mind back to simpler times: remember last year when people were busy complaining that Starbuck’s red holiday cup wasn’t Christmasy enough? Well, on Thursday they’ve released this year’s version, and it features designs by 13 women from around the world. This is an attempt by the company to do some good by spreading a message of global cheer.

The cups, which have been a seasonal tradition since 1997, are typically filled with snowflakes and other wintery delights. But people took to social media to complain about last year’s two-toned cups saying they lacked in holiday cheer and therefore anti-religion. (Even Donald Trump chimed in, suggested we boycott the company). This years designs are a return to the red and white themes of years past, but their diverse designs are meant to reflect a spirit of worldwide unity.

The company solicited ideas for the designs last year via Instagram, and the 13 women who were chosen represent America, Canada, Indonesia, Dubai, Russia, and South Korea. All eyes will indeed be on these designs — and not just because of the controversy, but also because the world is increasingly obsessed with posting their Starbucks drinks on all manner of social media. So if you want to join in, the cups will be given out starting Thursday at 25,000 Starbucks spread across 75 countries.