Willing To Date Your Way To A Life In Canada?

Step right up, get your very own Justin Trudeau!

Illustration: Vocativ
Nov 09, 2016 at 4:39 PM ET

Americans who facetiously joked about moving to Canada in the off chance of a Trump presidency are no longer laughing. But they may soon be sexting.

Maple Match is a new dating app that pairs Americans with Canadians. As the app developer explicitly states on its website, the platform was developed to help those under Trump’s forthcoming reign. The less explicit idea being that a love connection will be made, and the American half of the pair can travel to Canada, potentially even obtaining the Canadian version of a green card.

“This is a human decency problem that people are starting to actually fear for their future,” Annabel, a 22-year-old student who joined Maple Match in June, told Vocativ in a Twitter DM. Having not really believed in the possibility of a Trump presidency, she signed up in jest…at first. “I thought at the beginning, ‘I can find myself a lumberjack.’ I guess I’ll just have to see what happens during his presidency and see if I run away or not.”

As of Wednesday, Maple Match ranked 86 of all social networking apps in the Apple app store among Americans and placed at 39 in Canada. An updated version of the app (following a seven-month-long beta period) was released on November 5.

The app uses a series of questions in order to pair up the couples, giving them curated matches. In addition to asking current citizenship, desired citizenship, and gender preference in significant others, users can answer survey questions like “How do you feel about guns?” and “How often do you watch sports?”

While this kind of dating may seem absurd, some anti-Trump Americans seem genuinely interested in abandoning their home in light of the election results. On Tuesday night, Americans bombarded the Canadian Emigration website to the point it could no longer bear the weight of the traffic and tweeted their desire to flee the country for our northern neighbor en masse. Even Norm Kelly, a married councillor of Toronto, was dragged into the fray as Americans attempted to slide into his DMs, and city.

While Kelly didn’t seem interested in the proposals, some Canadians are jumping at the chance. Val, a Toronto-based 26-year-old woman who signed up for Maple Match on Wednesday, said she was driven by empathy for those who has voted for Hillary Clinton. Making a love connection was more secondary.

“I’m always open to find someone,” she said in a Twitter DM, adding that she’s “in no rush to get married to someone I don’t know and don’t love but if I find someone and I won’t stop myself from going down that pathway.”

“Of course there are logistic problems. Especially because I don’t want to go to the USA anymore. But there is Skype and other ways of keeping in touch.”

Long distance relationship woes be damned.