The ‘You’ve Got Mail’ Guy Is An Uber Driver Now

Elwood Edward is tooling around Ohio ready to transport you to your past

From your inbox to your ears — @brandee/Twitter
Nov 09, 2016 at 2:33 PM ET

“You’ve got mail!”

Hearing that chippy greeting probably still brings you a little thrill, even years after the world ditched their AOL inboxes in favor of Google’s mainline. But it used to be the universal signal that something fresh and potentially fun awaited you online, and hearing it brings us right back to those more innocent times.

So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that a passenger recognized a familiar voice during an Uber ride.  On Saturday, passenger Brandee Barker made the connection, and sure enough, it was him. As it turns out, Elwood Edward — the man behind the iconic notification — was all too pleased to give Barker an in-person performance.

Edwards, who used to be a broadcast announcer, got the job after his wife, who then worked at the company before it became America Online, put him up for it. He seems to get a kick out of his very specific fame, and if you end up in Ohio and need a ride, he’s your man. Of course, if you’re ever really jonesing for a reprise and can’t hop on a plane, you can always dig up the password for your old AOL account, where he can still be found alerting users of incoming correspondence.