Riding A Dragon In VR Is A Really Fun Way To Look Dumb

Is the chance to hop aboard a mythical, fire-breathing beast worth looking like a dweeb on earth?

There's no way to do this and look cool — VRScout/YouTube
Nov 08, 2016 at 1:15 PM ET

It’s nigh impossible to look cool while doing anything in virtual reality, but as Co.Design points out, there’s a new contender for the most idiotic-looking VR contraption: Enter Dragon Rider, which, as the name suggests, brings you the wonder of piloting a dragon around a magical world without ever leaving the depressing space you normally game in.

The brainchild of Abhishek Singh, Dragon Rider actually does look fun to play — since, really, who wouldn’t want to ride a tremendous, fire-breathing beast around a universe filled with floating islands? The only problem is that while you’re absorbed in your VR fantasy, you’re actually sitting aboard a very sad looking cardboard construct. The 20-foot structure is meant to imply a powerful dragon but actually looks more like a kindergarten class project.

It’s flimsy wings and the utilitarian straps that serve as reigns aren’t exactly transporting. But when given the right soundtrack, it still carries the air of an epic adventure.

So while it may be worth it to pretend you’re Khaleesi for a day, be warned that having this otherworldly experience (at least in a public space) will firmly cement your reputation as a Grade A dweeb here on earth.