McDonald’s Will Finally Let You Order On Your Phone

Get ready to satisfy your craving for fries in record time

Your phone just got even more useful — REUTERS
Nov 07, 2016 at 5:58 PM ET

It used to be that drive-thrus were considered the height of fast food convenience, but now it’s all about mobile ordering. Starbucks and Chik-fil-A already adopted this technology with tremendous success, but McDonald’s is getting on board too. Business Insider reports that McDonald’s will begin launching a mobile order-and-pay system next year.

Once it’s operational, customers will be able to complete their entire transaction on their phone, and can then simply head into the restaurant and pick it up. This will not only make the supersizing of waistlines easier than ever, but will also allow McDonalds to further streamline its operations.

Up until now, McDonald’s put a lot of time and effort into the installation of expensive kiosks in 7,000 locations which allow customers to order and pay, sans cashier. It previously messed around with the idea of mobile ordering, but this is the company’s first major push in that direction have only just made the move to adopt it. Beginning in 2017, mobile ordering will pop up in major markets, and by 2018 the plan is to have it available in 25,000 restaurants globally.

It’s a natural choice for the chain, which already has high engagement rates with its existing app. And now McDonalds can get an even more comprehensive picture of customer orders, which in turn will let it target ads and deals more effectively. McDonald’s mobile ordering may have taken longer than expected to arrive, but it’s better late than never for those who would, in fact, like fries with that.