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Kim Kardashian Makes ‘Accidental’ Return To Social Media

A month after the celeb was robbed in Paris, she briefly returned to Facebook under suspect circumstances

Social Media
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Nov 02, 2016 at 1:31 PM ET

Kim Kardashian has been silent on social media since she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris at the beginning of October. But on Tuesday night, she posted a series of short posts on her Facebook account that were quickly deleted. Why? Believe what you will, but a “source” told Us Weekly that they were posted by accident. That seems a little suspect.

Given the speculation that her social media habits were responsible for the robbers figuring out her location, the reports that Kardashian has “no desire” to go back to her normal ways when it comes to social media make enough sense. But Kim and her mother, Kris Jenner, are media geniuses. Everything that comes out of that family — whether it’s pictures or social media posts or public appearances — is so carefully orchestrated that it’s hard to believe that three consecutive Facebook posts would be posted in error.

The first post was a photo of Kim casually reading on her phone. (Naturally, it was hashtagged #LumeeCollab.) That was followed by two links to content in the official Kim Kardashian app, one of which was a collection of old family videos compiled by her sister, Kourtney, and an article about Halloween costume ideas written by her assistant Steph Sheppard. But if you go to Kardashian’s Facebook account now, you’ll see the last thing that was posted is a picture of Kim and Kourtney in Paris just before the fateful robbery.

Apparently that’s because Kim had a change of heart and is not quite ready to come back to social media. The Us Weekly source said she is “still figuring out when is the right time for her to come back.”

Our guess? This is all part of the “comeback.”