After Latest Allegations, Trump’s Diehards Keep Going Lower

A joke 'repeal the 19th amendment' hashtag is picking up steam in diehard Trump circles

Women watch a TV broadcast of the first presidential debate — REUTERS
Oct 13, 2016 at 7:25 AM ET

On Tuesday night, two women came forward and said that Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, had groped them — just days after he swore that his lewd “locker room” jokes (about groping women) were just talk.

Since the revelations of the first tape on Friday and ensuing fallout, more polling shows female voters nationwide are turning to Hillary Clinton — and there are more than enough of them to elect him. So, what are his most fervent supporters doing? Acknowledging that their crude, allegedly criminal candidate likely lost them the election? Nope. They’re rallying around a hashtag that suggests we take away women’s right to vote.

The hashtag quickly went viral. A Vocativ analysis found over 100,000 #repealthe19th posts, though several thousand tweets of those were outraged responses from Clinton supporters using the hashtag #imwithher. Others are maintaining the hashtag was a joke.

The timing couldn’t be worse for the Republican candidate. On Wednesday,the New York Times published accusations from two more people joining the ranks of numerous women who say Trump sexually assaulted them. One, Jessica Leeds, says she encountered Trump on an airplane more than 30 years ago. The other, Rachel Crooks, says she was riding an elevator with Trump in 2005.

Trump supporters in communities like Reddit and 4chan retaliated by ramping up efforts to discredit and mock the alleged sexual assault victims. A new hashtag, #nextfaketrumpvictim, quickly spread across Twitter, Facebook and news outlets’ comment sections. By Thursday morning, well over 43,200 tweets featured the hashtag.

Outside the internet’s pro-Trump bubble, the allegations look likely to more damage to a seriously damaged candidate. Prediction models show Trump’s current odds of winning the presidency lower than they’ve been since the summer.