ISIS Video Claims Brussels Attacks: “You Are In An Era Of War”

It's "the era where you will see that which is most dear to you killed," the official ISIS video states

(Belgian Federal Police)
Mar 25, 2016 at 1:36 PM ET

ISIS released an official video Friday celebrating the terror attacks in Brussels on Tuesday and declaring an “era of war.”

The video, released by an official ISIS media wing in Ninevah, a province in Iraq, reiterates its claim of responsibility and is victorious about the Brussels bombings that killed 31 people and injured more than 270 others. “Today we announce good news, news that makes us very happy,” says the video’s announcer in French. The clip shows a group of young men in a theater-like room watching a video of the Brussels bombings. They are celebrating the carnage. 

The video’s narrator, who is dubbed “al Beljiki” or the Belgian, calls on Allah to accept the “martyrs” who blew themselves up in Tuesday’s attack.

In the west, those of you who think you are the highest, today you are humiliated,” the video says. “You are in an era of war. The era where the sense colored by death, the era where you will see that which is most dear to you killed.”

ISIS supporters began celebrating the attacks online almost immediately after reports of the bloodshed surfaced, Vocativ analysts found. Later that day, a text post from the terror group’s media wing officially claimed the bombings, warning of “more dark days to come.”

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“We promise the Crusader states allied against the Islamic State that more dark days will come in response to their aggression against the Islamic State,” ISIS said in the statement. The extremist group then threatened, “the next will be worse and bitter.” Vocativ analysts found the statement in ISIS channels on the social media platform Telegram.

This video, like prior ISIS videos, uses footage taken without permission from media outlets. This video includes clips from the Guardian, France 24, and Vocativ.

ISIS’ celebrations of the attacks also took place offline: on Tuesday, photos circulated of ISIS members and supporters giving out candy in the streets of the Al-Khair Province, Syria.