Kanye’s Yeezy Show Was A Total Fail On Tidal, And People Are Pissed

New York Fashion Week's most anticipated livestream was, in fact, pretty dead

Ah, Kanye. Ah, humanity. — (Kevin Winter)
Feb 12, 2016 at 6:42 AM ET

Kanye West’s ultra-anticipated Yeezy Season 3 fashion presentation/“T.L.O.P.” album release party kicked off today at 4pm today in New York, but those trying to livestream the event on Jay Z’s Tidal music platform were extremely disappointed: The service just didn’t work.

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Minutes after the show started, would-be viewers bombarded Twitter with complaints about slow load times, buffering issues, and horrendous audio quality. These issues forced many Tidal users to turn their quality settings down to low-definition just to get a glimpse of what was going on. When Vocativ scanned over 7,500 tweets containing the word “Tidal” from the final 50 minutes of the show, analysts found that 688, or 9 percent, contained the words, “suck,” “ass,” “shit,” or “fuck.” Damning declarations indeed.

For those who were actually inside Madison Square Garden and at the show, the reaction was completely different, with many attendees declaring Ye’s new work an absolute triumph. Of course, Kanye wasn’t the only one getting attention. Attendees, including Gigi Hadid, took to social media to freak about the Kardashian clan, who sat together at the show in matching white marabou outfits—another treat that Tidal users missed out on.

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