Twitter Calls New Equal Pay Rules BS

Despite the evidence, a portion of the Twittersphere still doesn't acknowledge the wage gap

Barack Obama remarks on the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act — REUTERS
Jan 30, 2016 at 10:51 AM ET

After President Barack Obama announced new measures on Friday aimed at advancing equal pay for all workers, the news evoked jubilation from supporters—and also roused up the contingent of people who, all evidence aside, don’t acknowledge the pay gap as a real thing. According to a Vocativ social media analysis, a surprising number of people had a blunt, one-word response to the issue: bullshit.

The president’s new set of rules would require companies with more than 100 workers to hand over their employees’ salary data as well as their sexual, ethnic and racial identities. The proposal would also cover 63 million employees and help enforce equal pay laws while providing a deeper understanding of discriminatory pay practices.

More Obama’s Long Battle For Equal Pay

A Vocativ analysis of 13,200 tweets posted during and after Obama’s Friday afternoon speech that included the hashtag #equalpay shows that whileTwitter users expressed mixed feelings about Obama’s measures, a healthy portion outright dismissed them. Here are some of the most frequently used words we found in the tweets:

It’s somewhat difficult to gauge sentiment through an analysis of single words, but looking on Twitter, it’s clear that many people are literally calling bullshit on the existence of a wage gap, even when the median wage of a woman working full-time is still only 79 percent of a man’s median earnings.