Twitter Wants To Set El Chapo Free So He Can Kill Trump

El Chapo is a murderous drug kingpin, but some people still prefer him to The Donald

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Jan 08, 2016 at 10:50 PM ET

Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín Guzmán Loera—commonly known as “El Chapo”—is back in captivity following a shootout with Mexican authorities early Friday morning, ending a six-month manhunt for one of the drug world’s most notorious killers.

News of El Chapo’s capture prompted celebration and relief throughout Mexico, but some Americans took a glass-half-empty view of the cartel leader’s capture. After all, if El Chapo isn’t around, who else can stop Donald Trump?

For context: The El Chapo-Trump feud began after El Chapo’s escape from prison in July. Trump used the occasion to take a swipe at his presidential opponents, claiming they would wilt in the presence of El Chapo while The Donald would “kick his ass.” This, combined with Trump’s ongoing vilification of Mexican people, apparently enraged El Chapo, as reports surfaced that he’d offered a $100 million bounty on Trump—dead or alive.

Following El Chapo’s capture, Americans suffering from Trump fatigue not-so-quietly lamented the loss of yet another option for ending The Donald’s campaign. Trump’s name was tweeted in conjunction with El Chapo 5,287 times as of early Friday evening, although we can (hopefully) assume that the sentiments were mostly in jest: