#CarlyCurse Blamed For Hawkeyes’ Rose Bowl Loss

Never betray the football gods

"Nothing gets in between me and my Stanford football ... Well maybe an election." — Getty Images
Jan 02, 2016 at 4:30 PM ET

Carly Fiorina is giving an important lesson on loyalty: Voters (and maybe the football gods) don’t like it when you betray your roots. Specifically, your alma mater.

The hashtag #CarlyCurse has been circulating on Twitter after ’76 Stanford grad tweeted on Friday about the Rose Bowl game.

The Iowa caucus is February 1. To put it mildly, the tweet did not go over well.

But things got worse from there. Aside from the pandering claims, many fans blamed Fiorina’s tweet for the loss, calling it the #CarlyCurse.

This would be the year for a curse, since the Rose Bowl was a bit political this year. “Donald Trump Is Disgusting” appeared in skywriting during the Rose Parade, the parade before the big game.

Sports loyalty is not something to be messed with. Hillary Clinton, a Chicago native and Cubs fan, drew ire in 2007 when she said she would be rooting for the Yankees (the team of her adopted state). Maybe she learned from the backlash: In 2015, Clinton said she was hoping for the Cubs to go to the World Series with nary a word about the New York Mets.