Cookies Not Pinterest-Worthy? Welcome To #PinterestFails

Tis the season for baking up treats that would make Martha Stewart cry

(Photo: Dreamstime; Photo Illustration: Diana Quach)
Dec 24, 2015 at 11:27 AM ET

Pinterest has established itself as the go-to social media resource for creative wannabes, and with access to thousands of inspiring how-to’s, it’s not hard to feel invincible to decorating vulnerabilities. Twenty-five snowman cupcakes with marshmallow bodies, red licorice scarves on a pile of edible glitter?  Easy. Getting your kid to sit still for a creative photo shoot involving a hazardous rope of fairy lights and glass ornaments scattered about? No big deal.

The end result of a Pinterest craft or cooking attempt isn’t always a replica of those pretty and perfect vertical pins. As a way to commiserate in failed experiments, crafters have been tagging their final products with #PinterestFail all over Instagram. Vocativ analysis also discovered the fantastic catchphrase #NailedIt, a self-deprecating way to explain to the world that hey, at least you tried.

At least ours were made with love 💞 #latergram #pinterest #pinterestfail #Christmas #cookies #theytastedgreat

A photo posted by Brianna Kohlhoff (@its_briannarenee) on

Guess which one I made?! 😂 #pinterestfail A photo posted by Andrea Fiorini (@afiorini4) on

Do you want to build a cheese ball snowman? #noanna #pinterestfail #notfromwisconsin

A photo posted by Danielle Hahn (@kdaniellehahn) on

Nailed it! #pinterestfail #bakeitforward #nokidhungry #bbg #bbg1 #bbgfood A photo posted by Kat (@katbbg23) on

Can we talk about how much I fail at pinterest? #momwasright #lookslikepoop #gaveuponlife #pinterestfail A photo posted by .roro. (@ro.iwane) on

😂😂 me and Hannah doing some gingerbread #pinterestfail #nailedit

A photo posted by Liz Roberts (@lizemilyroberts) on

Nailed it!!! Thanks again @pinterest !!#pinterestfails A photo posted by @tocool1969 on

Looking to spread holiday cheer throughout your home? Don’t:

Nailed it! #Pinterest #pinterestfails #oops #crafts

A photo posted by Kaitlin Andrasko (@kmandrasko) on

Using Pinterest to make Christmas presents #nailedit #pinterestfail #guessillgobuysomething #itlookedeasy A photo posted by Keri Danelle (@keridanelle) on

Nailed it #Pinterestfails #DIY 😄

A photo posted by G✂💈 (@g.skill_) on

#PinterestFail haha ah well we had fun anyway! A photo posted by @lindsayroberts2504 on

And then there are the ones where people try and take artsy Christmas card photos, but the kids are just not having it:

Happy holidays! (To be clear: I took the photo on the bottom.) #pinterestfail #totallyworthit #candidchildhood

A photo posted by Sarah Horn (@sarahhorn7) on

Attempted to snap some pics of all three kids tonight. This about sums up how it went. 😂😳#pinterestfail A photo posted by Andrea Calvert (@deanashira) on


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