The Severed Pig’s Head And The Rise Of Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes

Attacks have increased in both number and intensity since Paris and San Bernardino

Dec 10, 2015 at 3:20 PM ET

A severed pig’s head was thrown at a mosque in Philadelphia. A pregnant Muslim woman who was wearing a headscarf in San Diego was shoved in the stomach on November 18 while walking down the street. An Uber driver was shot in Pittsburgh on November 26 by a passenger who thought he was Muslim and apparently asked him about the Islamic State.

In the aftermath of a coordinated series of terrorist attacks that killed 130 people in Paris and the San Bernardino shooting that was carried out by a husband and wife who pledged allegiance to ISIS, hate crimes against Muslims and Muslim-owned businesses appear to be increasing in both number and intensity, the director of the Council of Islamic Relations told the Los Angeles Times.

At least 15 Islamophobic attacks have been recorded across America since November 13, the day of the Paris attacks, the Los Angeles Times reported. For example, Americans were ordered to get off a Southwest Airlines plane on November 19 when a passenger said he was afraid to fly with them because they were speaking Arabic.

President Obama gave a speech after the San Bernardino mass shooting in which he insisted Americans need to reject bias against Muslims. “Just as it is the responsibility of Muslims around the world to root out misguided ideas that lead to radicalization, it is the responsibility of all Americans — of every faith — to reject discrimination,” he said. The next day, a severed pig’s head was found on the doorstep of the Al Aqsa Islamic Society in Philadelphia. That same day, the owner of a New York food market said a customer (a white man in his 50s) attacked him, yelling “I’ll kill Muslims.”