Ex Porn Actress Bree Olson Latest Performer To Slam James Deen

The performer claims James Deen was excessively rough during shoots and was briefly on her "no list"

Dec 07, 2015 at 12:46 PM ET

Retired porn star Bree Olson took to the live video-streaming app Periscope on Saturday to accuse former co-star James Deen of excessive roughness while performing with her. During the broadcast, Olson addressed the slew of recent allegations against Deen and then detailed her own experiences working with him. Olson described at length one tear-filled scene in particular in which she says Deen choked and slapped her too hard and repeatedly pinched her in a way that couldn’t be seen on-camera. At one point, she watched the film at issue, saying it brought tears to her eyes.

Olson’s disclosure comes on the heels of multiple members of the adult industry speaking out against Deen. The slew of accusations were sparked by a rape allegation made by Deen’s ex-girlfriend Stoya. The claims range from sexual assault to violence on-set to, as Vocativ previously reported, excessive roughness and boundary violations during performances.

After addressing the rape accusations made by Stoya, Olson talked about the decision she said she made at one point in her career to stop working with Deen. “He is someone that I had put on my ‘no list,’ because he was extremely rough with me, unnecessarily,” she said, referring to lists that porn performers maintain of co-stars with whom they will not work. “He would choke me and, you know, you choke for [the] camera, too, because it’s porn, so guys always do the choke, but you know they do it lightly, that way it only looks like for [the] camera, right? But you can still breathe and everything, but he would choke so hard.” Deen did not respond to a voicemail left by Vocativ seeking a comment.

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Olson, who made it clear that she is not accusing Deen of rape, went on to say that she later took Deen off her “no list” at the insistence of a porn company that wanted to shoot the pair together. “We start filming the scene and he does it all over again, like a pit bull that can’t control himself,” she said, in reference to Deen’s behavior in the scene. “When he’s not having sex, he’s one person, but then once he starts having sex it’s like something takes over him where he can’t control himself.”

“While we’re doing the scene, he again was choking me way, way harder than he had to,” she continued. “He was slapping me way harder than he had to. I was crying in the scene.” Later, she added, “My tears were very real in that scene, because he hurt me so bad.” Indeed, Olson can be seen in the film, which Vocativ watched after the broadcast, appearing to cry, her eye makeup smeared. She alleges that Deen’s overly rough treatment of her appeared to cause his sexual excitement: “Not only that, but off-camera he was pinching so hard … like, just to cause me pain, there was nothing sexual about this … he was pinching my … the side facing away from the camera. He was pinching all over my thighs and my stomach and my arms just as hard as he could to cause me tears, because it, like, made him hard. It made him turned on to cause me pain.” The video of Olson talking about the scene has since been removed from Periscope.

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Later in her live broadcast, Olson, who has previously said that she “didn’t have any bad experiences” in porn, watched the video in question. The visuals from the scene are not shown, although at points the audio can be heard. Once the sex scene between Olson and Deen begins, she started to exclaim, “Oh my God! I fucking hated this! I have tears in my eyes, this is so fucking upsetting.” At one point, while watching the video, she said, “Oh my God, how did I, like, live after this scene?” At a couple points in the broadcast, she said she was watching moments where he is pinching her in a way that could not be seen on camera. “Here’s where he’s pinching me,” she said. “He’s pinching me again, motherfucker.”

Shortly thereafter, she said, “I hope you get ten years, you fucking asshole.”