Feminist Porn Fans Slam James Deen After Rape Allegations

Porn star Stoya accused fellow sex icon James Deen of rape, igniting backlash against him on social media

Nov 30, 2015 at 3:41 PM ET

After feminist adult film actress Stoya’s tweeted a claim she was raped by her ex-boyfriend and fellow adult film star, James Deen, thousands took to social media to show their support for the actress. Deen has long been well-regarded in the feminist porn space—Stoya even referenced this fact in her series of tweets—and has amassed a large and devoted following on Tumblr and Twitter. But this weekend’s allegations have been met with a groundswell of support for Stoya, with thousands tweeting with the hashtag #solidaritywithstoya.

Deen took to Twitter and Instagram on Sunday evening, claiming that the “egregious claims made against [him] on social media” were both “false and defamatory.” But that didn’t stop his former fans on Tumblr from publicly purging their computers of James Deen porn. This James Deen Tumblr fan deleted all James Deen-related content from her blog to show support for Stoya. On Twitter, some users came out against Stoya for making the rape accusation, joking that raping a ‘whore’ is just shoplifting or that she made this claim to get attention.

Across platforms, outraged Stoya supporters are far more prevalent. In a Tumblr post, a sex worker who goes by Ryan shared Deen’s real name with her followers in an effort to associate both his porn alias and his legal name with this rape accusation. The post has received over 6,000 shares and likes since it was published yesterday. Stoya supporters also took to Deen’s Instagram over the weekend, bombarding it with hundreds of negative comments including “your personality is ugly rapist scum” and “You deserve to be castrated.”

Others were accused of supporting Deen who, prior to the rape allegation, was considered an outspoken feminist icon in the porn industry. Feminist comedian Gaby Dunn (who is friends with Deen) was accused of defending Deen against the allegation. She was bombarded with negative messages even after she tweeted: “It is more important for society to believe women and sex workers than it is for me to defend one friend.”

One woman, known online as the self-described porn executive behind Nevermore Collective, claimed, in a now-deleted Tumblr post, that she received death threats, seemingly for supporting Deen against this accusation. She has since retweeted Deen’s Twitter response to the accusation.

Since Stoya’s initial accusation, other women have spoken out publicly against Deen. In a personal essay for the Daily Beast, fellow entertainer Tori Lux claimed that Deen assaulted her while on set.

By Monday morning, over 3,700 tweets used the hashtag #solidaritywithstoya to show their support for Stoya, although hundreds of others came out against her.