Paris Attacks: Parisians Turn To Twitter To Find Missing Loved Ones

After a long, chaotic night in Paris, locals are hoping the Internet will help them locate their family and friends

Nov 14, 2015 at 2:01 PM ET

Parisians are using social media to find loved ones who are still missing after a night of deadly attacks in Paris left 129 people dead, and over 350 injured.

Thousands of locals are tweeting heartbreaking photos and descriptions of relatives in hopes that the Internet will help them locate their missing family members. The hashtag #RechercheParis, which translates to “search Paris,” has appeared in more than 450,000 tweets since Friday night’s highly-coordinated attacks.

A Twitter account titled Recherche person–which roughly translates to “search for person”–has been aggregating these calls for help. So far the account has tweeted images and identities to more than 90 missing people, some of which appear under the age of 18.

Translation: “62nd search, Florian Breton, 16 years old, nobody knows where exactly he was in Paris”

Translation: “83rd search, Elodie Breuil, Bataclan yesterday, slim, about 1m 70″

Translation: “56th search, Bruno Luc, 1m77, 17 years old, Bataclan yesterday”

Amid the desperate cries to locate loved ones are several success stories of Twitter users locating family members.

Translation: “Thanks <3. It was found Thibault to the hospital took three bullets, he is alive ! #Bataclan #attentats #rechercheParis”