Palestinians Celebrate Stabbing Attacks With Wave Of Cartoons

Unrest is escalating across Israel and the Palestinian territories

Oct 13, 2015 at 10:29 AM ET

Palestinians are celebrating a spate of stabbing attacks with a slew of political cartoons as violence across Israel and the Palestinian territories rises.

On Tuesday, Palestinians wielding knives and a gun killed three people and wounded others in a set of separate assaults near Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem. Seven Israelis and 27 Palestinians in total have died over the last two weeks, and tension continues to escalate, according to Reuters.

Vocativ used our technology to collect online chatter about the swelling conflict, revealing that Palestinians are using cartoons to spread their perspectives on the unrest. Many of them are saying the Intifada, or uprising, has launched. They’re posting symbols of the swelling violence, including knives — used in an ongoing spate of deadly stabbings that shows no signs of subsiding.

Translation: “The best day ever, let’s have fun.”

#The_Intifada_was_launched, by Umaya Jouha

By Ahmad Shakur (showing knives as maps of Israel, Palestine and the Gaza Strip)

The snowball, al-Quds Intifada

Netanyahu admits his failure in stopping the attacks. #The_Intifada_was_launched