ISIS Supporters Fan The Flames Of Israeli-Palestinian Violence

Macabre posts offer "tips" about how to kill Jews as tensions escalate

Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in East Jerusalem. — AFP/Getty Images
Oct 12, 2015 at 9:57 AM ET

ISIS supporters are working to fuel a mounting wave of Israeli-Palestinian violence by sharing “tips” about how to kill Jews and demanding action against Israel.

In a main ISIS forum, one user shared an article written by one of the terror group’s supporters that seeks to justify the murder of Jews and explain how to “upgrade” stabbing attacks against them. A particularly macabre explanation declared it’s better to use toothed instead of straight edge knives, and suggested covering blades with chemical agents or poison.

Several online posts made connections between the knives that were used in recent attacks against Israelis and those that appear in brutal ISIS beheading videos.

The discussion buzzed even though Islamic State militants face their own slew of problems at home. In Syria, they’re up against a Russian airstrike campaign that has hit them and mostly anti-government rebels. In Iraq, eight of senior leaders of the terror group were killed by the Iraqi military over the weekend, Reuters reported.

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ISIS supporters also discussed rising Palestine-Israel tension on Twitter, where several of the group’s supporters circulated old guides offering instruction about how to build home-made bombs. They’re posting the hashtags “#The_Intifada_was_launched” (#الانتفاضه_انطلقت) and “Al-Aqsa” (#الاقصى). 

The calls for heightened violence come after weeks of Israeli-Palestinian unrest that started in Jerusalem and has since spread to the West Bank, Gaza and Israeli’s interior. The wave of conflict is rooted in concern among Muslims that they would be barred from the Al-Aqsa mosque, which sits on a site that both Muslims and Jews consider holy.

On Tuesday, two Israelis were killed and 20 others were wounded in attacks in Jerusalem, according to the Jerusalem Post, marking the latest deadly confrontation as anger on both sides continues to rise. It followed another incident on Monday, when Israeli police in Jerusalem killed a Palestinian man who had attacked a police officer with a knife. Over the weekend, an Arab Israeli knifed four people in the northern part of the country, and an Israeli airstrike in the Gaza Strip killed a pregnant woman and a child, according to reports.

Translation: Oh Jews, the promise has approached, expect a new Masada. #The_Caliphate_State. #Slaughter_Of_Jews. #The_Intifada_was _launched. #Al-Aqsa. #Jeruslam

Translation: The soldiers of the Caliphate. Look at al-Aqsa mosque. You are the hope of al-Aqsa, the men of the Caliphate.

#the_Intifada_was _launched. #The_Third_Palestinian_Intifada