Hamas Tries To Intimidate Israelis With ‘World War Z’

Brad Pitt makes a split-second appearance in a propaganda video that surfaced as Israel-Palestine tension climbed

A screenshot of the Hamas video.
Oct 07, 2015 at 11:59 AM ET

Hamas, the U.S.-designated terrorist group that controls the Gaza Strip, published a propaganda video aimed at intimidating Israelis with scenes from “World War Z.”

The video, called “The Soldiers of God,” splices scenes of the zombie blockbuster with clips of Hamas fighters and images appearing to show Palestinian attacks on Jews. One brief scene, pulled from the Hollywood feature film, particularly aims to make a point: It shows Israelis running from zombies in Jerusalem.

Using the tune of a popular Israeli song in its three-and-half-minute video, Hamas calls for the elimination of Jews and urges communication with them through the language of “fire, swords and rockets.”

The video is aimed at intimating Israelis as tensions between Muslims and Jews in Jerusalem and the West Bank escalate. Clashes there in recent weeks have persisted. Fighting first broke out over concern among Muslims about access to the site of the Temple Mount, which both Muslims and Jews consider holy. Palestinians have since attacked and killed several Israelis, while Israeli forces have shot and killed Palestinians, according to reports.

Now, many are wondering if there will be a new intifada, or Palestinian uprising.

The conflict is reflected in a cyber battle. A far right Facebook page in Israel called on people to boycott businesses owned by Arabs. Israeli Facebook users also vowed revenge for Israeli deaths, using the hashtag “#Death to the Arabs” (‏מוותלערבים#).

Hamas, meanwhile, shared its video alongside “#the Intifada was launched” (#الانتفاضه_انطلقت), which was posted on Twitter more than 14,000 times since the start of October. “It is an Intifada led by young people, women and children against the filthiest God’s creatures — the Jews,” one user posted from Gaza, using the hashtag.