This Is the European Country That’s Most Generous To Migrants

Germany accepts the highest rate of migrants, but that changes when nations are adjusted for population size

Sep 02, 2015 at 11:56 AM ET

Germany accepted the greatest percentage of asylum seeker applications of any European nation last year, but the continent’s most-populous country falls way behind nine smaller nations when it comes to the number of migrants it takes in per capita.

Sweden, which has about an eighth of the population of Germany, accepted the highest proportion of asylum seekers in the European Union, at 378.12 per 100,000 citizens. Germany placed tenth, at just 50.02 per 100,000, which was also lower than smaller nations such as Malta, Switzerland, Cyprus and Denmark.

The U.K., on sheer numbers of migrants accepted, was the seventh most-generous country, accepting 38.6 percent of asylum seeker applications in 2014. But, as with Germany, it looked less generous when its population of 65 million is taken into account. By that calculation, it came in 15th. However, it still did better than Hungary, which was one of the least generous under both rankings, according to Eurostat data compiled by Vocativ.